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"...rankings are based on each company's performance when run through our Franchise 500 formula, a comprehensive evaluation of more that 150 data points in the areas of costs and fees, size and growth, franchisee support, brand strength, and financial strength and stability..."

Tracy Stapp Herold Entrepreneur Magazine - June 2017 - Dig into 2017's Top 200 Food-Based Franchises (p.100)

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"The businesss provides customers recipes, fresh ingredients and the space and equipment to prepare the daily dinners for their family that they can freeze at home to be able to easily and quickly serve..."

RaeAnne Marsh inBusiness, Greater Phoenix - October 2013 - Core Values Key to DIY Dinner Success

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"Getting home-cooked meals on the table is a royal challenge during school season. Two companies, Super Suppers and Dream Dinners, make this task easier with their meal assembly stores. The stores do all the shopping and prep work. Moms go to the "store," spend 1 or 2 hours socializing and assembling six to 12 entrees to take home, freeze, and reheat for dinner. Costs run between $185 to $200, inclusive of groceries, supplies, and assembly. Owners estimate homemakers save about 20 hours a month in prep, cooking, and cleaning time."

RaeAnne Marsh Better Homes & Gardens - September 2005 - In good taste - Home Cooking on the Go (p.162)

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"#5 Test - Drive Dream Dinners For $200 or less, you and your family and friends (each family pays its own share) can meet in a big commercial kitchen where ingredients for six to 12 different dinners (each enough to feed four to six) are prepped, topped, and laid out. You follow Dream Dinners recipes to prepare meals such as Blackened Cod, or chicken Cordon Bleu, then pack them up in Baggies or pans (which they supply), take them home, and put them in your freezer. That's less than $4 per person per meal. And best of all, their staffers clean up."

Amanda Robb "O" The Oprah Magazine - March 2005 - 62 Solid Gold ways to save money on everything from popcorn to your next vacation (p.224)
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